If you stopped by here, it's because you're looking for one or more recipes for Christmas Eve or for a gourmet snack during the holidays. You did the right thing! Discover our selection of the best dessert recipes for Christmas.

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Easy Christmas Dessert Recipes | Exceptional Log Recipe | Christmas Cookies

What dessert to eat at Christmas?

You are spoilt for choice! From the most traditional pastries to the most elaborate entremets, it's up to you to decide. Christmas is the time to indulge yourself by baking for your loved ones. Here you will find a selection of our best recipes for Christmas logs, macaroons, cookies and pastries

So with all these ideas for Christmas desserts, our advice is to make not one but several desserts to satisfy all palates. A beautiful classic log for the purists, chocolate macaroons for the gourmets, Christmas cookies for the little ones and the big kids, an entremets for the gourmets and here is something to satisfy the whole table!

Christmas log recipe

From the traditional log to the sophisticated log, you will be able to make your selection among our log recipes in the form of entremets or rolled cookies. With fruit, chocolate, pastry or ice cream, there is something for everyone. For 8 to 20 people, you can adapt the quantities of our Christmas dessert recipes as you wish. 

Then shop for the right log mold for your recipe. From the classic log pan to the Silikomart silicone log mould, you will find everything you need to make a stunning log.

Christmas cookie recipes

Traditional cookies, bredeles or decorated cookies, our many recipes promise you afternoons in the kitchen all in greediness. With cinnamon, gingerbread, shortbread cookies decorated with royal icing or sugar paste, you will find your happiness.

Original Christmas cupcake recipes

For a change from the log or as a complement if you have a regiment to feed at Christmas dinner, try cupcakes. To give them that festive Christmas feel, flavor the plain cupcake batter with Christmas spices, cinnamon or make chocolate cupcakes. Chocolate is a Christmas staple. The decoration of cupcakes is absolutely essential to make them Christmas cupcakes. For that, use and abuse the decorations and sugar subjects for the decoration. Food coloring also plays a big role in decorating desserts. With green and red food coloring you won't go wrong!
Finally, confetti and sprinkles add the finishing touch to your Christmas cupcakes.

Easy Christmas cake design

Why not start a beautiful cake design for Christmas? With the tutorials of our partners, you will be able to follow the steps and make a cake covered with sugar paste. You will learn how to model figures, characters and decorations with sugar paste. These cake designs are sure to make an impression and we guarantee that they will be as beautiful as they are delicious!

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