I become an affiliate Féerie Cake!

Is affiliation for me?

If you like to bake, if you think baking is fun and if you share your passion for food on a blog or a website, our affiliate program is made for you!

But what does it get me?

By joining our happy band of affiliates Féerie Cake, you get 6% of the amount of orders you generate through your website, your blog or your social networks... How cool is that?

As we are nice, our team of elves finds you nice contents to animate your site and reach your objectives.

In the land of the elves, everything is simpler: with no time commitment, you can start and stop this affiliate program whenever you want!

Shall we get started?

If you are tempted by the adventure and you find yourself in our gourmet universe, send us an e-mail to info@feeriecake.fr with "Fairy Affiliation" in the subject line. Our elves will come back to you with all the information you need to set up this affiliation program.

Psst... We prefer quality to quantity so we always choose passionate affiliates who share our fun and gourmet values!

Our terms and conditions of membership