List of products by manufacturer: Valrhona

Valrhona is an exceptional brand serving professionals and connoisseurs of quality chocolate. Founded in 1922, the brand, whose name is a contraction of Vallée du Rhone, first made its products available to craftsmen. Since then, its reputation has continued to grow, thanks in particular to its unequalled know-how and high standards. Today, in association with the greatest chefs(Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse, Anne-Sophie Pic, Joël Robuchon, Christophe Michalak and Jean-Paul Hévin), Valrhona makes itself accessible to the general public by offering gourmet products so that everyone can discover exceptional chocolates.

Discover their most famous chocolates through 250g bars: the Ivory, a soft and delicate white chocolate, the Caribbean, a dark chocolate with a taste of dried fruits and the Jivara, a creamy milk chocolate.

And for the greediest, let yourself be tempted by the 1kg bags of beans.