Cake design modeling tools

Cheap cake design modeling tools

Sugar paste is not just for covering a cake! You already know that. You can use them as cake toppers

Cake design is also modeling. Modelling in sugar paste or modelling paste, you need the right tools. To create details to your figures, to refine and undulate the petals of your flowers in gumpaste ...

The roughing machines

These are the most commonly used tools. They are usually double-headed, made of plastic, silicone or metal.

The ball cutters are perfect for working with flower petals in flower paste.

The scalpel cutters for a clean cut of your small elements in sugar paste.

There are also veining cutters to create patterns and details on your petals for example.

For each project its own modeler. You're sure to find what you're looking for in our Cake design tools section!

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