Everything you need to make Tropical themed cakes

Use thepineapple, pink flamingo, palm tree or cactus cookie cutters to make cookies to display on a beautiful tropical-themed birthday or party buffet. You can also choose from tropical-themed cake pans or beautifully decorated cupcake cases.

Decorations to match the tropical theme

To decorate your cakes, the small sugar decorations in the shape of a parrot or a palm tree will bring a touch of vacation and sunshine. Embellish your creations with small sugar balls and toppers in assorted colors.

For a birthday party, Féérie Cake offers a selection of candles on the Tropical theme and even table decorations and candy bags.

You can also complete your choices withother thematic products to make your cakes.


Aïe aïe calor! Here, we relax, put on our sunglasses and admire the sugar paste cakes on the Tropical or Cactus theme. We make pink flamingo cookies and sip orangeade while waiting to devour them!

Cookie cutters, cupcake cases and sugar decorations, all with a tropical theme for those who love sunshine and cake.

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