La Pâtelière: healthy and natural products for all pastry chefs

Amateur and professional pastry chefs know La Pâtelière for its range of natural ingredients. La Pâtelière favors simple, gourmet flavors from quality products.

Flavors and ingredients for a maximum of greediness

La Pâtelière is above all the brand of the simple and natural with a wide range of products which facilitate the pastry making while bringing an incomparable savour to the preparations.

A simple dough becomes incredible when you add a food flavouring flavour. Imagine an unequalled taste of cherry, lemon, vanilla, violet, banana or raspberry by incorporating only a few drops in your cake batter, your cream or in your dessert... La Pâtelière simplifies the life of amateur pastry chefs, but professionals also use it because the quality of its products is so exceptional.

La Pâtelière doesn't stop at these delicious aromas! For a unique taste, count on ingredients whose names alone make you dream: pink pralines, Tonka beans, cocoa powder, almond powder, coconut, macadamia nut chips, praline powder... Your preparations enter another dimension!

You will bake perfect pastries with the preparation aids signed La Pâtelière. You have a selection of gelling agents, agar-agar and gelatin, but also baking yeast, chemical yeast and baking powder. The bakers also have at their disposal sugars, vanilla or coffee extracts. Not forgetting the natural food coloring which are easily added to add color to your dishes. They can be in powder or liquid form depending on your needs and preferences. At the beginning, La Pâtelière reserved them for professionals... That's how much you can use them with your eyes closed.

Mouth-watering toppings and decorations

La Pâtelière has many surprises in store for you to create beautiful decorations on your pastry preparations. Delicious toppings and coulis gourmet toppings and coulis of all kinds come to cover a cake, a Chantilly cream or a cupcake while bringing an incredible flavour of raspberry, caramel, chocolate, exotic fruits, blackcurrant, strawberries... La Pâtelière coulis will surprise you by their so natural and succulent tastes

To perfect the visual aspect of your pastries, nothing beats the small edible decorations like multicolored vermicelli, colored beads, glitter sugar, little sugar hearts, crunchy pearls and even popping candy to add a little surprise to your tasting! Think also of the mini marshmallows to bring a little sweetness. Finally, the special little decorations in the shape of a football or mushroom subtly finalize the atmosphere of a themed party.

A range of quality chocolate

La Pâtelière, it is also a variety of chocolate in palets for baking, in chips for decoration or in nuggets for finishing touches... Choose your dark, milk or white chocolate as well as the cocoa content you need and that's it! La Pâtelière even offers strawberry-flavored chocolate for a flavorful combination.

Prepare your cakes in no time

La Pâtelière goes even further to make life easier for pastry chefs by offering preparations for cakes. Don't be afraid of express dinners or last minute desserts!

When you are pressed for time, but still a demanding pastry chef, La Pâtelière has developed preparations based on natural ingredients. By adding a few ingredients to the ready-made powder, you will obtain a delicious chocolate brownie, a vanilla dessert, a custard tart or even a chocolate or lemon cake in no time!

La Patelière is a wide choice of natural and gourmet products


La Patelière offers healthy and natural ingredients so that professional or amateur pastry chefs can make superb, creative and tasty desserts. Natural flavors, preparation aids, natural ingredients (cake yeast, bicarbonate, gelatin...), discover the range of this French PME .

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