Christmas logs and cakes decorations

Decorations for non-edible Christmas logs and cakes 

Decorate your yule logs, cake designs or cupcakes for Christmas with our selection of non-edible cake decorations.

Decorations for pastries and Christmas logs

Holly leaf, fir tree, snowman are waiting for your log. Find the classic decorations in the shape of Santa Claus, Christmas tree or holly leaves. Simply place them on the cake or on the cake board. Be sure to put parchment paper between the cake and the plastic decorations if they are not suitable for food contact.

Christmas cake decoration toppers

For a decoration that is out of the ordinary, let yourself be tempted by the toppers. Cake or cupcake toppers are all the rage. Simple and quick to use, they often come with a wooden or plastic spike. Just stick it in the cake, the icing, the sugar paste and here is the decorated cake!

Sometimes all you need is a nice topper to decorate a beautiful Christmas layer cake. Once your Féerie Cake is baked and then filled and covered with a praline ganache, simply stick a "Merry Christmas" topper in your cake. If you don't know our Féerie Cake recipe, you are missing out. It is delicious and can be covered with sugar paste without any problem. 

And if you prefer to eat your Christmas decorations, go to the vermicelli, confetti and edible Christmas decorations section.

All the food decorations for baked goods for Christmas are at Féerie Cake.

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