Sprinkles, confetti and edible decorations for Christmas cakes

Sprinkles Confetti sprinkles for cake decoration - Christmas

You will love baking at Christmas. With our wide range of sprinkles and assorted confetti in all shapes, your Christmas cakes will be magical!

Decorations for Christmas logs 

The star of the Christmas desserts is the log. And making a beautiful log is not something you can improvise. You take care of the recipe, we take care of the edible decorations. In unleavened, in sugar or even modeled with sugar paste, the decorations of log are no longer limited to the holly leaf in unleavened. Today we make room for originality and creativity with various forms and varied. Decorate your logs with snowmen, snowflakes and many other designs!

Assortment of confetti and vermicelli 

Our wide range of Christmas sprinkles and confetti will make your mouth water. Choose from an assortment of vermicelli in classic Christmas colors or opt for less traditional colors like an assortment of pastel Christmas confetti. There is something for everyone. You will be able to decorate your Christmas logs, your delicious cupcakes or your Christmas cookies. Happy Sprinkles, Superstreusel and Halo Sprinkles brands offer a huge choice of Christmas confetti and sprinkles, discover them!

The unleavened decorations for cake decoration

These are unleavened shapes such as unleavened disks or unleavened toppers that come to rest on your cake. You will find the classic holly leaves to decorate a beautiful pastry log or small confetti in unleavened Christmas tree. You have a lot of choices.

Edible Christmas sugar decorations assortments

Christmas tree assortment or gingerbread man assortment to decorate your cupcakes? Or a mix of sugar decorations to decorate a Christmas number cake

Find our Christmas cupcake cases and Christmas cake moulds to prepare your Christmas desserts and use these edible Christmas decorations!

Vermicelli, confetti and sprinkles for Christmas cake decorations

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