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For the holiday season, dress up your cupcakes with Christmas colored cupcake cases.

You can choose between paper or aluminium coated boxes.

For the sizes, you have the standard size cupcake case with a base diameter of about 5 cm. For these cupcakes use a suitable cupcake pan with standard size cavities. Wilton and Decora brands offer very high quality non-stick cupcake and muffin pans.

Then there are the mini cupcake cases with a base diameter of about 3.5 cm. All cute, they have the advantage of making you feel less guilty while tasting them! To use these mini cupcake cases you need a non-stick cupcake pan of mini size.

You will find in this section cupcake boxes that make you want to celebrate Christmas every day: Santa Claus cupcake boxes, snowman cupcake boxes or gingerbread cupcake boxes. All the symbols of Christmas are printed on these cupcake cases.

You just have to choose among our wide range of Christmas vermicelli and confetti for your cupcake decoration.

All the Christmas cake decorations for an ultra greedy Christmas is at Féerie Cake

Christmas cupcake and muffin cases - large selection | Féerie Cake

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