Christmas cookie cutters

Christmas cookie cutters and decoupage cutters

At Christmas, the whole family gets into the kitchen to share moments and create unforgettable memories. What could be more delightful than getting your hands dirty with your little ones to prepare delicious Christmas shortbread?

Christmas cookies

When to start making these delicious Bredeles? Those cinnamon shortbread cookies? Or those gingerbread cookies?

Generally the start is given at the very end of November and beginning of December. With the launch of the Christmas markets, this is when you'll spend time in the kitchen humming while preparing your cookie dough.

Vary the shapes with our various cookie cutters. And make multiple batches of cookies to treat family and friends. From one shortbread recipe, you can make a plethora of different shortbreads. Add cinnamon, ginger, cocoa powder, almond powder or jam filling...

Choose the cookie cutters you like best. You have a lot of choices here. If you are more of a Santa Claus team, you have an assortment ofSanta and reindeercookie cutters for example. If you are team Gingerbread Man, you have a set of 2 gingerbread man and gingerbread house cookie cutters. And if choosing is giving up for you then go for the big assortment of cookie cutters!

Christmas cookie decorating

The choice of the cookie cutter to make Christmas cookies is already a first step in the decoration. Then, if you like to prepare cookies as beautiful as good because the féerie of Christmas is important, then you have the embarrassment of the choice.

If you like cake decorating, you'll opt for a royal icing decoration. Your decorated cookies will look great with this icing that hardens once dry. Use food coloring to bring your decorated cookies to life. Your friends and family will be amazed!

An easy way to decorate your cookies is with sugar paste. Nothing could be simpler than re-cutting with the same cookie cutter that was used to make the cookies and gluing the resulting shape onto the cookie. Think of flavored sugar paste or flavor the sugar paste yourself with the food flavor of your choice to give a more festive flavor.

Finally, you can simply glaze the shortbread with melted chocolate and then sprinkle with Christmas sprinkles. See? Decorating cookies is easy!

Idea for decorating cookies with the kids: cover the cookies with white sugar paste and then give them food markers. A good moment of sharing and greediness guaranteed!

Christmas sugar paste cookie cutters and embossers - Decorated cookies Cake design Christmas

The Sweet Stamp brand is the initiator of the sugar paste embossers concept. It offers cutters and embossers to cut your shortbread dough and then decorate them with embossed sugar paste thanks to its embosser accessory. A large choice of embossers for Christmas is proposed to you.

Christmas cookie decorating kit

With Christmas approaching, investing in a kit with everything you need to decorate Christmas cookies is a sure bet. In general you will find one or more cookie cutters, pastry bags and tips, royal icing... All you have to do is find a recipe for decorated Christmas cookies on our blog.

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