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Where does the tradition of the Yule log come from?

Originally, the tradition was that at the end of the year, on the occasion of the winter solstice, a huge wooden log was burned to maintain the heat in the house. This operation was then repeated on Christmas night. Then the log ended up becoming a decorative object and it is only at the end of the 19th century that the pastry log appeared in France. This tradition then quickly spread to other countries where the log is also consumed at Christmas.

What is a pastry log?

At the time of its creation, the pastry log consisted of a sponge cake filled with cream and decorated with holly leaves. Today the log takes another dimension with all the original molds that exist. Silicone log mold or log tray, this dessert is now declined to infinity. Genoise, cookies, mousses, pastry cream, mascarpone cream, ganache etc. The log is a whole program for the end of the year celebrations. Some of you think about it weeks or months in advance. For those who are looking for easy or more sophisticated log recipes, go to the blog.

Silikomart silicone molds

Log molds used to be a traditional log shape. Today we allow ourselves all the audacity with Silikomart molds. Logs with original and unique shapes with the silicon tree mold or the magnificent mold in the shape of a Christmas village. Frozen or pastry, the log will be exceptional with these Silikomart molds. For a finish worthy of a pastry chef, spray with velvet spray and your guests will be delighted!

Christmas log kit

In this field, it is undeniably Scrapcooking that offers the most beautiful yule log kits. The kits include the yule log mold, sometimes an insert, and a delicious yule log recipe. Everything is gathered in these kits to make a success of your Yule log!

All you have to do is find the recipe for the Yule Log on the elf blog !

And to decorate your Yule logs, go to the section onedible Yule log decorations or to the section on Yule logs and pastries.

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