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The Christmas log: an essential for the end of year celebrations

When you say "Christmas dinner", you inevitably say "Yule log"! And instead of going to a pastry shop to buy it, why not make your own log recipe for this year's Christmas Eve? Whether you prefer frozen logs or pastry logs, with our selection of molds, log drip pans and pastry utensils, it will be a breeze. 

Silicone log moulds for original and sophisticated logs

You will find at Féerie Cake a whole range of silicone log molds with elegant and original designs allowing you to reproduce the logs of great pastry chefs. You can buy on our store silicone molds from Pavoni, Silikomart or Dekora, brands with high quality log molds that will suit both professionals and cake design lovers.

Silicone log molds are perfect for making beautiful frozen logs with sophisticated shapes or Christmas logs with inserts to add even more deliciousness. The flexibility of the silicone molds allows you to easily remove your logs from the molds to bring your own log recipe to life. 

Our log moulds are available in several sizes in order to adapt to the number of parts you want for your Christmas log but also in several shapes so that you can also reuse them to make desserts or even cold terrines.

Plastic log moulds to combine with relief mats

We also have PVC log molds that will allow you to make more traditional pastry logs. However, you can put a textured mat in the bottom of your plastic log mold to give your log icing a nice pattern. Once you have placed your icing on your relief mat at the bottom of your log mold, all you have to do is alternate layers of sponge cake or joconde cookie with your mousseline or pastry cream.

To make your life easier, the elves have even found some nice log kits where you will find all the necessary baking utensils to make beautiful homemade logs.

Stainless steel log gutters ideal for insert logs

The log trays will allow you to easily insert red fruit inserts or delicious chocolate or coffee mousses into your logs. Thanks to their removable ends, the demolding is done in a simple way without risking to damage your pretty Christmas log.

However, the log drip trays can be very versatile since you can also use them to make your desserts, terrines and even pâtés en croute.

So don't hesitate any longer, get your favorite log mould to make your own log for Christmas Eve this year!

Silicone log moulds and stainless steel and PVC gutters

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