Everything for a magical unicorn birthday

Unicorn birthday party is one of the favorite themes to organize birthday parties and it is rightfully so. The unicorn is such a cute animal that carries so much enchantment! It makes young and old dream. So don't hesitate and get out your utensils to bake a wonderful unicorn cake. We bet everything on pastel colors, enchanted patterns and glitter!

Make unicorn cookies

Start with the little treats for the pleasure of the eyes and the taste buds. Féérie cake provides you with the essential accessories to make unicorn cookies that will decorate a sweet unicorn birthday table. For example, use the plasticrainbow cookie cutter or the stainless steel magic unicorn cookie cutter among the vast selection of unicorn-themed cookie cutters.

Choose the unicorn cookie cutter and stamp kit: you can make cupcakes with 5 different designs! Or choose the "easy cookie" decorated cookie kit with a cookie cutter and ready-to-use sugar dough.

Impress your guests with unicorn cupcakes

Unicorn cupcakes are a great way to decorate a birthday buffet table. Choose the cupcake cases that you like on the theme of unicorns: pink, patterned, with pastel colors, a rainbow ... Surprise your guests and decorate your unicorn cupcakes with sugar paste and small decorations such as mini unleavened disks for example.

Decorate a unicorn cake

For your cakes, whether it's a big chocolate unicorn cake, a Molly Cake, a yogurt cake or a pound cake, choose your decorations: a cake tower, golden or pastel cake toppers or the famous unicorn figurine. Opt for the small sweet decorations that are very easy to use since they are ready to use. Put them on your cakes and you're done! Don't forget the inevitable sprinkles. They come in all colors, glitter, balls and horns. Sprinkle your creations with the sprinkles of your choice and the magic will happen!

Discover the gumpaste molds to form 3D decorations that will look great on your unicorn cake. In the same magical spirit, the3D unicorn cookie cutter will allow you to create a unicorn in sugar paste in a single step. Imagine it in the center of your cake or on top of your cake: it will be a sensation!

Design a unicorn decoration for a birthday party

For a unicorn birthday party to be a success, you need a magical decoration too! Féérie cake helps you find what you need to transform your home into a magical universe ready to welcome little unicorns: balloons, Happy Birthday bunting, matching tablecloths and napkins, straws with a paper medallion, little candy bags and even invitation cards to send! Choose what you want from the unicorn party decorating kit with all the matching accessories so you have everything on hand to decorate your home on a unicorn birthday.

To give the final touch that will surprise everyone, opt for the unicorn panata to animate the day and keep the little guests busy.


Unicorns are THE trend of the moment! Whether it's in a cookie cutter or in sugar decorations, unicorns make us fall in love! Come on, now it's your turn to melt!

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