Cake figurine Birthday cake decoration figurine

To you the beautiful figurines to decorate a birthday cake! 

So if we want to be precise, the figurines are part of the toppers. You have the toppers that get poked on the cake but you also have the figurines that get dropped on the cake.

Plastic models can be great cake toppers if you don't want to get into modeling sugar paste toppers. You can often find popular Disney characters or different themes popular with kids. They are perfect to put on top of your cake. Their advantage is that they are reusable and they save you a lot of time. 

All your favorite characters are here: Spiderman, Elsa the Snow Queen, Mickey and Minnie,... There are also toppers figurines dinosaurs, animals of the jungle, farm ... You will find your happiness here !

These figurines on a base allow to stabilize them on the cake and are perfect to decorate a cake easily and quickly. You just have to put them on your cake covered with sugar paste for example.

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