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This year, the theme will be gourmet food and pastries!

So you have decided to please each of your loved ones by giving them an original and unique Christmas gift? To celebrate Christmas with dignity with gifts for amateur or professional pastry chefs, you are at the right place! You may be missing the right idea for a Christmas gift that will surely please... We have made a selection of the best Christmas gifts.

Pastry kit

For a beginner baker, opt for the cute baking kits. They have everything a beginner needs to get started. Scrapcooking has great kits for number cake or for making Christmas cookies.

Christmas gift idea cake decorating

For the more experienced, those who love decorating cakes or cupcakes, the pastry tip sets are a great gift idea. Complete with pastry bags, we always need more. And no decorating with a pastry bag without food coloring. So think about it too!

Christmas gift ideas cake design

For the cake designers, the pros, the freaks, give them an airbrush or a storage case. With all the materials they have, they can never have enough storage. Sweet Stamp also offers beautiful letter and alphabet embossers. Cake designers love them to decorate their wedding cakes.

Pastry gift ideas Cake moulds Silikomart moulds Pavoni moulds

For those who love the simple pleasures of a good homemade cake, there are great cake molds to offer. Discover our selection: piñata cake mold, checkerboard cake mold...
And for those who love desserts, the Silikomart or Pavoni silicone molds are a must and are sure to please!

Cheap Christmas gift ideas
We have also made a selection of Christmas gift ideas by budget. Thus, each budget will find its happiness in our selection.

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