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What is unleavened?

Not to be confused with unleavened bread, which by the way is very healthy, unleavened paper is a food paper used for confectionery and cake decoration.

The unleavened paper is also called "paper host" is made of flour and water. It is traditionally used to make nougat or calissons. The unleavened paper is fragile, its use can be delicate if you are novice. Humidity is the worst enemy of unleavened paper. It is thus preferable not to put the unleavened paper on a coulis, a chantilly, a too liquid cream. Or put the unleavened paper only at the last moment.

Ideally, use the unleavened on a ganache orbuttercream. If it doesn't stick well, brush a little water on the surface and stick your sheet. But here again, we advise you not to put it too long in advance, as the unleavened sheet has the annoying habit of curling.

How to use the unleavened leaves?

The possibilities are numerous. You can print a design or text with an edible printer on an unleavened sheet. Or you can use an airbrushfood powders, food markers.

How to decorate a cake with the unleavened discs

Nothing could be easier and faster than cake decorating with unleavened disks! These are printed on the theme of your choice. You will find at Féerie Cake many unzyme discs of all kinds: unicorn, Disney, Pat Patrol, Dinosaur, etc..

Simply cover your cake with a thin layer of icing and stick your unleavened disc on top. For a perfect finish, pipe a little cream (buttercream type) on the edges of the disk.

The sheets and unleavened paper

Cake designers will tell you, making pretty flowers with wafer paper, nothing is prettier! The delicacy of the unleavened paper allows a really beautiful rendering. You get beautiful unleavened flowers to decorate your cakes.

Unleavened cake decoration

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