Pastry cases

Pastry cases and pastry bags

Discover quickly the pastry cases and choose the one you need among the large choice proposed. This accessory is an essential pastry equipment when you start cake design.

If you are a cake decorating enthusiast, you probably already have a collection of pastry cases in your kitchen drawers. It's important to learn how to choose the right tip for your cake decoration. So, for both amateurs and the more experienced, here is a guide to pastry cases.

Pastry cases of all shapes

With pastry cases, you can create impressive decorations, fill cakes, choux or eclairs. Choose the shape of the pastry case and you will be able to create rosettes, collars and scrolls of all kinds. We offer a wide range of sizes and shapes of pastry cases: round, star, Russian, leaf, petal, basket... Choose from an assortment of pastry cases to have the one you need when you need it and let your creativity flow freely.

How to use pastry cases

Pastry cases can be used with a variety of preparations such as buttercream, mousses, meringue, etc. Get the accessories you need to use the tips properly, such as disposable or reusable pastry bags.

Round pastry shells

Their tip is round and they are classic and nevertheless essential to decorate cupcakes, cakes or to poach choux, macaroons ...

Use round tips to make simple, rounded swirls on your cakes and cupcakes. Round tips with extra narrow tips are great for adding detail to cakes, adding centers to sugar flowers, or even drawing and tracing lines. 

The star pastry cases

There are two types of stars: closed stars and open stars

Open star sockets:

As the name suggests, the open star socket has an open end with finely cut teeth, perfect for making stars, rosettes and borders.

Open and closed star tip liners are very popular when it comes to decorating pretty cupcakes or creating beautiful borders on a layer cake. They create ruffles when used in a twisting motion, and when used at an angle, they create small shell-like decorations. They are perfect for adding pretty borders to the base of your layer cakes. If you use them vertically you will get a jewel shape perfect for poaching meringue, mini-cupcakes or small decorations on a number cake.

Closed star sockets :

Closed star tips are tighter and more deeply grooved. These pastry sleeves are perfect for making buttercream decorations on cupcakes, as well as adding borders to cakes or cookies, depending on their size. It allows you to make realistic flower shapes directly on cakes and cupcakes. 

Closed star pastry cases create a more defined texture than open star cases because the ridges in the case are tighter.

The pastry cases "leaves

They are perfect for poached flowers on a cupcake or layer cake. There are different sizes of leaf tips. With these tips, a buttercream colored with leaf green food coloring and a pastry bag, you will create beautiful flowers to decorate your desserts.

Petal pastry shells

The simplest petal sockets have a slit-shaped opening, thin on one side and thicker on the other. The size difference allows the buttercream to curl up a bit when you poach it, and the thin tip is usually the one that forms the edge of your petals. It's a scary tip if you're just starting out, but with practice, you'll be able to create unique and beautiful flower bouquets.

Pastry cases

Are you ready to get started? To tame the sockets one after the other to decorate your cakes and cupcakes? Then we'll follow you!

To get started, you should already know the different families of sockets: round, open stars, closed stars, ruffled, Russian... Everything is here to help you. And as a bonus, a guide to getting started with pastry cases awaits you on our blog.

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