Cupcake workshop

Whether you make the recipe yourself or use a cupcake mix, it doesn't matter as long as you use the right muffin tin.
And the rest is all about decorating! From buttercream frosting to sprinkles to piping, find the essentials to decorate your cupcakes beautifully. And don't leave your cupcakes naked, dress them up with pretty boxes. Flowers, polka dots, gingham, there's something for everyone!

And to become the king or queen of cupcakes, check out our article filled withtips for perfect cupcakes as well as the must-have recipe for the world's best cupcakes.


Cupcake workshop

Do you want to start making cupcakes? Whether you're a beginner or an experienced baker, find here our essentials for making cupcakes that are as beautiful as they are good!

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