Valrhona: the famous brand specializing in chocolate

Valrhona is a safe bet for successful chocolate preparations. A wide range of chocolate products help you to make desserts worthy of the greatest chefs.

Valrhona, the chocolate of great lovers

Valrhona is no longer a household name in the world of chocolate. Both connoisseurs and seasoned professionals are familiar with this high quality brand.

The name of the Valrhona brand is a contraction of Vallée du Rhône. Since 1922, Valrhona has been targeting pastry professionals, but it also seduces amateurs for its flavors, its impeccable quality and the variety of its exceptional chocolates. Today, Valrhona is a company committed to a fairer and more sustainable cocoa industry.

The essential Valrhona couverture chocolate

Valhrona is famous for its chocolate pistoles, easy to integrate into your preparations. They become the stars of your mousses, creams, ganaches, toppings or chocolate moldings.

Easy to measure out, Valrhona's couverture chocolates bring their exceptional taste to your pastries. Choose your favorite from a wide range of dark, milk and white chocolates. All these products are also perfect for tasting!

The Azélia milk chocolate milk chocolate brings you its sweetness and its roasted hazelnut notes, but perhaps you will prefer the milk chocolate Jivara Grand Cru with its creamy texture and hints of vanilla and malt or the warm Andoa from Peru with its comforting notes of milk?

Make your choice among the dark chocolates: the Caribbean dark with notes of dried fruit, the Manjari and its subtle taste of red fruits or the emblematic Guanaja.

Let yourself be tempted by white chocolate Ivoire by Valrhona, not very sweet, but very comforting with notes of hot milk and vanilla. Finally, discover the blond chocolate Dulceya very smooth chocolate thanks to its cocoa butter content. Its finely biscuity flavors will transport you back to childhood.

Valrhona completes its range with Yuzu, strawberry, raspberry or passion fruit flavored beans. Made with cocoa butter, sugar and fruit, they have the taste and color of fruit. They are perfect for making original mousses, tasty ganaches and creams with a good fruit taste.

Valrhona's emblematic chocolates

You hesitate among all these chocolates and you don't know which one to choose? You should know that some are emblematic of the Valrhona brand. For example, the Guanaja dark chocolate with 70% cocoa and its unique character has always seduced the greatest pastry chefs.

The Gianduja hazelnut and milk is a chocolate paste with crushed hazelnuts. Its great sweetness in the mouth makes it very pleasant to taste. It is also an ally of choice for your pastries, your candies to fill, your desserts or your macaroons, for example.

Finally, the dark chocolate Manjari is a great classic of the brand. Its acidulous and fruity notes as well as its red fruit tones are unanimously appreciated.

The decorative touch with Valrhona chocolate

Add a touch of creativity to your desserts by decorating them with Valrhona nuggets or pearls.

Dark or milk chocolate chips are perfect for topping your baked goods like cookies, madeleines, cupcakes or muffins. Use the three-chocolate crunchy pearlss by combining the smoothness of Dulcey blonde, the sweetness of milk chocolate and the strength of dark chocolate to form beautiful decorations and add crunch to your pastry creations.

Express your creativity with Valrhona's famous chocolates. For cooking or tasting, whether it's chocolate pistoles, beans, spreads, crunchy pearls or even ready-to-use inserts, trust Valrhona's iconic chocolates.

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Valrhona chocolate pistoles are now available in small packages for all your chocolate recipes.

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