All our promotions on ingredients and pastry materials

Make beautiful cakes yes, but at low prices thanks to all our good deals! Take advantage of our promotions on our cake decorations and kitchen equipment. These are only perfectly usable and consumable products but with small imperfections, hence the low prices!

Short dates, promos and clearance sales of kitchen and baking utensils and products

You will find here sugar dough in promotion but also food coloring in promotion, cake molds in promotion, cupcake boxes in promotion, sugar decorations in promotion, unleavened disks in promotion, birthday decorations in promotion, in short, all full of promotion to fill up with accessories and ingredients of pastry.

Why are our cake decorations and baking supplies on special?

You will only find here kitchen accessories and pastry ingredients that are perfectly consumable or in perfect condition. But these are good deals because you will have for example cheap sugar paste because of a short shelf life, a cake mould at a low price because it is a bit dented, good deals on cupcake cases with a slightly damaged packaging, 3 times nothing that guarantee you great deals!

Don't miss our good deals on cake design and pastry !

Do you needcookie cutters for your zouzous' cookie workshop or sugar dough to decorate your birthday cakes? Don't hesitate to come and have a look at our store regularly to find all our promotions and good deals on pastry equipment. From discounted cake toppers to cheap figurines for your princess cakes, you might find some good surprises to make your cakes pretty.

For cheap cake decorations and special offers on baking utensils: it's on!


The products in promotion it is by here ! Find our products with a short use-by date (cake mixes, flavors, sugar dough)... 

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