Rhodoid tape 10 m - Various sizes
  • Rhodoid tape 10 m - Various sizes
  • Rhodoid tape 10 m - Various sizes
  • Rhodoid tape 10 m - Various sizes

Rhodoid tape 10 m - Various sizes

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  • Description

    The rhodoïd ribbon: the essential pastry ustensil for all your desserts

    You love strawberry plants, charlottes, bavarois and mousses, but you're worried about decoring?

    No more carnage when removing from the mold with Decora 's rhodoid tape!

    This is the secret of all pastry chefs to have impeccable desserts every time.

    What is rhodoid?

    Rhodoïd is a transparent plastic often presented in the form of sheet or ribbon which will enable you to line your circles and your pastry frames to facilitate the demolding of your preparations.

    That's right, that's the famous plastic sheet that surrounds the cakes you buy at the bakery. The rhodoid tape allows you to easily protect your cakes to make sure they don't stick to your pastry rings: it's the essential pastry utensil to have desserts with a professional look.

    How to use the rhodoïd ribbon (or "guitar" sheet) to facilitate the demolding of your desserts?

    1. Cut your rhodoid strip to the size of your baking circle by placing it all the way around your circle and cutting where the strip overlaps with the beginning.
    2. Place your rhodoïd strip inside your circle by gluing it to the inside wall of your pastry circle.
    3. You can then place your lined pastry circle on your cookie and begin assembling your entremets.

    How to use rhodoid tape to make chocolate decorations?

    1. Cut a strip of rhodoïd according to the length of the chocolate decoration you wish to make.
    2. Draw your chocolate decoration on your rhodoïd strip with a piping bag filled with melted chocolate
    3. Or cover your rhodoid strip completely with chocolate using an angled spatula, making sure to clean the edges of your strip for a clean finish, and scrape your chocolate-covered rhodoid strip with a serrated horn to form thin lines of chocolate. You can then place your rhodoid strip in a pastry circle to give it a rounded shape.
    4. Let your chocolate harden.
    5. Gently remove your rhodoid strip to retrieve your chocolate decoration and place it on your dessert.


    • A 10 m long ribbon 
    • 3 heights available: 3, 4 and 5 cm
    • Made of plastic for food use
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