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Pies are life! This dessert is a classic of French pastry. In summer or in winter, pies are popular. The pie pan allows you to bake your pie dough according to the recipe before garnishing it or as in the case of a traditional apple pie, the pie pan allows you to bake the whole cake at once.

The pie pans with removable bottom is the mold that will facilitate the removal of your pastry once cooked. 

You will also find in our selection of perforated pie tins that allow an even distribution of heat and give the pastry its crispness.

You will also be tempted by the Silikomart pie kits which generally contain a pie ring and a silicone mold with several cavities. With these kits your pies will look great!

If you like originality, why not bake your pies with a pastry frame? A square pie is modern ;-)

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