Sugar lace

Lace sugar: the ultimate refined decoration for your wedding or birthday cakes

Sugar lace is a food lace that allows you to decorate your cakes. As the name implies, it is a fine and elegant lace-like decoration made from a sugar paste. And contrary to what you might think, lace is far from being outdated as it is back in force in the pastry and cake design trends. Are you convinced? All you have to do is start making your first edible lace, and don't worry, it's super easy: the elves have put together all the tools you need on Féerie Cake.

Lace rugs: beautiful rugs with sophisticated and elegant designs

We have selected for you a wide variety of silicone mats to make your lace sugar. You will find mats with floral patterns, mats with realistic butterfly patterns or mats with a classic lace pattern. Very easy to use, these mats are flexible to facilitate the removal of your food lace and are easy to clean.

Thanks to our wide range of mats, you will be able to adapt the size of your lace according to the type of pastries you will make by using different sizes of lace mats. Large lace mats are perfect for wedding cake decorations or birthday layer cakes, while mats with individual designs will allow you to decorate cupcakes covered with sugar paste or cookies topped with royal icing.

Feel free to apply a little iridescent food powder to your pretty edible laces to make your decorations stand out even more on your cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

Ready to use or powdered lace preparation

Once you've selected your favorite lace mat design, all you have to do is grab your lace sugar mix to make your decorative food lace.

It exists in ready-made lace paste which can be a white lace paste or a colored lace paste (like our golden lace paste), or in powder preparation to be mixed with water. 

How to use lace sugar?

The elves have put together a super handy tutorial to show you on video how to make and use edible lace.

Once your lace dough is ready, carefully roll it out on your lace mat with an angled spatula and scrape off the excess dough with a knife to get a smooth surface.

Then simply let your lace mat air dry overnight and unmold the next day.

Once unmolded, you can color your lace sugar with anairbrush or with a dry brush and powdered food coloring.

All that's left to do is apply your lace to your cake covered with sugar paste: apply a little water with a brush to the place where you want to stick your food lace, then gently apply your lace to your cake and you're done!