Candy bags and wrappers

Why use candy wrappers and bags?

There are many occasions to offer cookies or confectionery made by you: a meal at a friend's house, a visit to the family, an aperitif with friends, the birthday of your youngest... Think of wrapping your little creations in a candy and cookie bag. Your gesture will have a small effect!

Types of candy and cookie packaging

Opt for a simple transparent wrapping to highlight your sweets to be tasted. Choose it with decorations according to the occasion: snowflakes, trees or stars at Christmas, festive decorations, a Halloweenatmosphere...

Close the bag with the ties provided or select a reclosable design with an adhesive system. You can also use pretty ribbons and add your creative touch.

There are different shapes of packaging: cones, cake pops or cupcakes, for example. In addition to protecting your cupcakes, these packages make it easier to transport them.

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Boxes and bags for cookies - Féerie Cake

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