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Cupcake boxes are an essential item for any baker or cupcake lover who wants to transport and display their creations in a stylish and practical way. Available in a variety of sizes, colors and materials, cupcake boxes help protect cupcakes during transport and keep them fresh until their final destination.

Whether you're looking for cupcake boxes for a special occasion like a wedding, birthday or corporate party, or you just want to add a professional touch to your cupcake business, you're sure to find a cupcake box to suit your needs.

Cardboard cupcake boxes are the most common and are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different numbers of cupcakes. They are also easy to customize with your logo or company name, making them a great choice for cupcake companies looking to reinforce their brand.

All in all, cupcake boxes are a must-have item for any cupcake lover or professional. Whether you're looking to safely transport your cupcakes or add a professional touch to your cupcake business, there's a cupcake box to fit your needs. Find the one that best suits your needs and make your cupcakes a success at every opportunity!

Display your beautiful cupcakes in sturdy cupcake boxes that will keep your cakes safe during transport to their destination. Whether you're looking for large cupcake boxes that can hold up to 24 cakes, or you just need a unique cupcake box perfect for small favors, we have everything you need and more at Féerie Cake.

At we offer a wide selection of styles and designs for every occasion or event, including a variety of festive and seasonal designs.

Discover our complete collection of cupcake boxes today. Also check out our cake boxes for transporting and giving away your cakes.

Different sizes also available to carry 1 cupcake and up to 24 cupcakes.

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