Baby shower

A successful baby shower features plenty of nibbles and a beautiful cake in honor of the upcoming birth. Everything is done in the theme of the unborn baby. Féérie Cake has all the accessories you need for a perfect baby shower.

Making cookies with a birth theme

Use the most popular cookie cutters at a baby shower. How about a little shortbread in the shape of a baby's onesie, a little bear, a little fart or a baby bottle? Isn't it adorable?

If you prefer cupcakes, opt for boxes with the theme of the day: pink, blue, patterned...

Decorate your baby shower cakes

The special baby shower decorations compete with each other in cuteness: little sugar bibs, rattles, teddy bears, little feet in pink or blue, baby bottles, little booties... All these sugar decorations and toppers will give you inspiration! Don't forget the final touch with assorted sprinkles.

Baby shower

Do you know what a baby shower is ? This concept comes straight from the United States is to organize a small party for a mother-to-be to celebrate the arrival of baby! Your BFF is expecting a happy event? Go ahead and organize a baby shower and this is where it happens!

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