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Easter is now synonymous with chocolates and egg hunts! Find here all the materials, accessories, confetti and edible decorations 

Chocolate Molds | Easter Fries and Chocolates 

No Easter egg hunt without chocolate. This year, make your own Easter chocolates, they will be better. Discover our chocolate molds in silicone or plastic. In the shape of eggs, small chicks, and frying molds with lots of different designs, you have the choice. Once you've made your choice, head to the chocolate section where you'll find the excellent Valrhona chocolates, the small packages of de la Patelière chocolate or Candy Melts to complete your Easter shopping!

Easter cookie cutters and cutters

The most beautiful decorated Easter cookies are made with the most beautiful cookie cutters. Shop here for our many cookie cutters. Whether they are plastic or metal, individually or in sets, you will find all sorts of designs: Easter egg, rabbit, flower, chick... Once your cookies are baked and cooled, all you have to do is decorate them with royal icing or sugar paste. And don't skimp on the colors because at Easter we want bright colors to reflect the joy of this holiday! So use food coloring to add color to your royal icing or sugar paste!

Easter Cupcake Cases

Cakes are not left out to celebrate Easter. Easter has become a gourmet holiday and its various symbols such as the chicken, eggs, bunnies etc. make for so many pretty cupcake decorations. Fall in love with our beautiful cupcake cases and make delicious cupcakes to enjoy on Easter Monday! On the blog of Féerie Cake, you will find a multitude of recipes all as tempting as the others. Try them out! For those in a hurry, Funcakes offers a delicious cupcake mix, a best seller of the store. And to perfect the decoration of your cupcakes, try the enchanted cream from Funcakes, a delight!

Edible confetti sprinkles sugar decorations Easter cake decoration

If you feel like it, make a beautiful cake decorated with sugar paste to enjoy after the Sunday meal of Easter. Or how about an Easter number cake? A layer cake? Decorate it with our many sprinkles and confetti of all shapes and colors. Funcakes, Happy Sprinkles, Decora, Wilton, so many brands that offer great edible decorations. 

Packaging bags cake boxes cupcake boxes Easter

After you've made all your chocolates, Easter fries, decorated cookies and cupcakes, you'll need to put them in beautiful Easter candy bags, cupcake boxes and cake boxes. All you have to do is give them as Easter gifts.

Find the best Easter desserts on the blog of Féerie Cake.

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