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What is Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is the day to celebrate lovers! It is a popular and traditional holiday in Anglo-Saxon countries. It has been a real craze in France for about thirty years. It is thus the occasion for the lovers to meet again. But on Valentine's Day, we also celebrate love with family and friends. Indeed, in Anglo-Saxon countries this holiday has expanded to become a day where we tell our friends and relatives that we care about them by offering them chocolates, cookies ...

Decorative cake toppers cupcakes

Valentine's Day is the occasion to give pleasure by preparing cupcakes decorated with heart-shaped toppers for example. Or sprinkle your cupcakes with confetti and sprinkles in the colors of love. Pink and red are the colors of choice for this day, so get out your food coloring to tint your frostings these colors.

Heart cake molds Silicone heart mold

Silikomart offers beautiful heart-shaped silicone molds to prepare a beautiful dessert on which you can pour a red mirror icing. Why not opt for a heart-shaped aluminum mold to prepare a chocolate fondant. Hide some chocolate chips in your cake batter and it will be perfect!

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