Cake boxes

From the cheap cardboard box to the plastic box for transporting cakes

If you're looking for a convenient and safe way to transport your homemade cakes, cake transport boxes are exactly what you need. These boxes are specially designed to hold and protect cakes, so they arrive at their destination intact.

Cake carrying boxes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet all your needs. Whether you need a small box to carry a cupcake or a large box for a wedding cake, you can easily find a carrying case that meets your needs.

Most cake transport boxes are made from high quality materials such as rigid cardboard or strong plastic, which ensures the boxes are strong and durable. They also come with a lid that fits securely to keep the cake from shifting during transport.

Cake transport boxes are perfect for amateur or professional bakers who want to transport their culinary creations safely. They are also ideal for events such as weddings, birthdays or parties, where cakes need to be transported over a long distance.

All in all, if you're looking to safely transport your cakes, cake transport boxes are a great choice. They are convenient, durable, and available in a variety of sizes to meet all your needs. Don't hesitate to get a cake carrier to ensure your cake arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

We have selected for you a wide range of boxes for transporting and presenting pastries. You will be able to safely transport your cakes, cupcakes, logs or even entremets: the must for all professional and amateur cake designers.

Cardboard cake boxes of all sizes

You will find on Féerie Cake cardboard pastry boxes of several formats to best fit your different shapes and sizes of cakes. 

You'll have the classic square white cardboard box (with or without stand) that will be perfect to carry your round birthday cakes decorated with sugar paste, unleavened discs or with a greedy buttercream. But they can also be used to hold your cupcakes or your soft and melting muffins which will not fail to please the gourmands of your entourage.

Cake design enthusiasts will appreciate our tall cake boxes with extensions for carrying dizzying cake decorations. You can offer delicious rainbow cakes, naked cakes or drip cakes without risking damage to your beautiful cake decoration.

The rectangular pastry boxes will be perfect for your pretty number cakes, Christmas logs and chocolate cakes.

Plastic cake boxes to reuse over and over again

Although our cardboard boxes are reusable, plastic pastry boxes are much more durable and sturdy if you plan on keeping them to share more treats. We have a variety of plastic boxes to carry and display all your baked goods.

You will find the traditional round plastic box that will allow you to transport your cakes but also your pies or quiches. Thanks to their integrated handle, the transport of cake will be a child's play and you will quickly become the favorite colleague of the office thanks to the delights that you will be able to share.

But we also have more specialized boxes if you want to carry smaller pastries:

  • for cupcakes, nothing better than cupcake boxes with removable inserts to make sure your sweets don't stick together during transport.
  • For macaroons, we also have beautiful and colorful macaroon boxes that you can use as a transport box or as a box to offer your delicious little macaroons. And for the macaroon professionals, we even have macaroon pyramids, ideal for transporting your macaroons to weddings or baby showers, they can also be used as a macaroon display.
  • For those who prefer cookies, we have plastic cookie storage boxes to avoid breaking your beautiful cookies decorated with delicate royal icing.

Pastry boxes for all occasions and events

Whether you need simple white cardboard boxes to deliver your wedding or birthday layer cakes or beautiful transparent boxes that will showcase your colorful macaroons, the elves are here to provide them.

Now all you have to do is make your best cake recipes and get out your cookie cutters to fill all those cake boxes.

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