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  • Description

    What is the MCC?

    The CMC also called tylo powder, tylose, sodium carmellose, cellulose gum, or even sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, in short we stop the barbaric names, is a magic powder allowing you to perfect your use of the sugar paste .

    CMC is an essential ingredient for any cake designer because CMC from Squires Kitchen will allow you to harden your sugar dough to make gumpaste or flower paste but also to make food glue. This neutral tasting white powder is derived from vegetable fibers and acts as a natural thickener and hardening agent for your sugar dough.

    So after reading all these long names that scare you, it may seem very complicated but it's not! The leprechauns will explain everything to you, don't worry.

    How to use MCC?

    Use CMC to give texture to your sugar paste

    The recipe is simple: use one teaspoon of tylo powder (or CMC) for 250 g of sugar paste, incorporate the tylose in your fondant by mixing it well to transform your fondant into gumpaste (or modeling paste). You will have a sugar paste that will harden much faster than your classic sugar paste allowing you to make your modeling easier to decorate your cakes and pastries.

    If you don't have any more gumpaste or flower paste on hand, CMC is the magic food additive that will still allow you to make your figurines and flowers for all your cake designs without having to let your fondant rest, as soon as your CMC is mixed with your sugar paste, it is ready to be shaped.

    But be careful: once you add your CMC to your sugar paste, you can't go back. So make sure you only mix the amount of fondant you need for your cake design because sugar paste mixed with tylose doesn't keep well: and yes, of course, it starts to harden! So don't let your eyes get bigger than your stomach and re-mix if you need to rather than overdo it all at once.

    Use CMC to make food glue

    You don't even need an instruction manual, it's as simple as that: mix 1g of tylo powder in 30ml of water or to make it simpler, a pinch of tylose in a cup of water. You can of course adjust the amount of water according to the consistency of the glue you want to have, if you want to have a very thick glue, decrease the amount of water and don't hesitate to boil your water so that the CMC mixes well. It is possible that the mixture is lumpy after adding your CMC: don't worry, this is quite normal. Let it sit for 24 hours and you will have a clear food glue ready to be applied.

    However, if you change your mind and want a more liquid glue, simply add a little water to your mixture.

    Once ready, use this homemade food glue to stick your sugarpaste models orcookie cut ters on your cakes to decorate them without the risk of your decoration falling off the cake.

    When you are finished decorating your cake, simply wrap your cup tightly so you can reuse your food glue next time.

    So you see it's not that complicated!

    Ingredients: sodium carmellose.

    Suitable for vegetarians.

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