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What are food additives?

In addition to the main ingredients such as flour, fat, sugar, salt, ammonium bicarbonate and others, there are food additives that are used for pastry and baking. They allow to prolong the life of a food, to improve its texture, its taste... We can distinguish them in several groups:

The emulsifiers which allow to bind the ingredients between them and to soften a mixture. The best known are lecithin and gum arabic.

Leavening agents: you know them, they are yeast, sodium bicarbonate...

Anti-oxidants (E300 to E399), which include lecithin, prevent food from spoiling due to oxidation, which causes fats to go rancid and color to change.

Sweeteners: all sugars, glucose, fructose, corn syrup... Depending on their texture, they can be used to sweeten your preparations or used in recipes to give them a specific texture.

Food coloring
No need to introduce them, they flavor your desserts so well. Make your choice among our numerous food flavors.

Thickeners and gelling agents to increase viscosity or allow gel formation. Examples: gelatin, pectin, agar agar, carrageenan.

Food coloring (E100 to E199) is used, as you might expect, to add or restore color to a food. No rainbow cake without food coloring

Culinary aids preparation aids

For a successful cake, you need culinary aids. These are fruit purees, ingredients, nuts, pralines... So many things that bring flavor to your desserts. 

Valrhona Gianduja Hazelnut Praline 

The praline is a paste which consists of praline and sugar. To make it a crazy spread we add chocolate. Find here a large choice of praline: with feuillantine, with hazelnut, with almonds and hazelnuts.

As for Valrhona Gianduja, connoisseurs know it, it is a marvel. Gianduja is a praline paste to which chocolate is added. It is a close cousin of the praline. Add gianduja to your creams, ganaches, mousses and you will not be able to do without it in your pastries!

Pistachio paste

Pistachio paste can be used in all culinary preparations: custard, ganache, entremets, cake batter ... It gives that delicate pistachio taste to your macaroons and will sublimate a cake batter to make a layer cake.


Make candies, marshmallows or marzipan with glucose. You can even add it to your ganache to make it softer.


Naturally contained in the pips and skins of certain fruits such as apples, pectin allows to gel and thicken preparations. You will use pectin for example for jams and pastries, confectionery: fruit paste, marshmallows ...

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