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Find the flavors you need in our food flavors section and buy the flavors that will flavor your sponge cakes, layer cakes, number cake... Whether they are natural, concentrated or in paste form, food coloring is a must for the cake decorating enthusiast that you are. Discover the flavors and natural extracts of Decora, Funcakes, La Patelière, PME, Lorann, Sugarflair, Saracino...

The essential flavors

Vanilla, pistachio, lemon or raspberry flavors, the best sellers

Vanilla, lemon, pistachio and raspberry flavors are popular. To flavor your candies or confectionery prefer concentrated flavors such as Lorann flavors. A few drops are enough. For more delicate dishes, your creams, mousses and desserts, the flavors of La Patelière are perfect and suitable for all uses and natural flavors almond or caramel ... yum! Their vanilla flavors are deliciously fragrant and ultra greedy. A must try!

Food flavors with original tastes 

Buy your marshmallow, marshmallow or crème brûlée flavors 

If you are looking for original flavors, you will find your happiness with the food flavors "Lorann emulsion". These emulsions are flavors that resist perfectly to high temperatures without the flavor evaporating. Have you tested the Princess Cake & cookie flavour? Its perfume is so greedy, sweet, like a candy in a bottle. 

Decora's flavors also offer unusual flavors to flavor your cakes and icing: try the custard flavored paste flavor and you won't want to miss it. In an ice cream it's great!

Flavors in paste

Gourmet food flavors with a variety of fragrances

Funcakes and Saracino offer a very complete range of food flavors in the form of coloring and flavoring pastes. These flavors can be used for almost anything: ice cream, cake batter, mousses, etc. Their texture is similar to that of a fruit coulis. 

Now all you have to do is pull out your cupcake recipe or your delicious frosting recipe and use these food flavors to give your desserts a boost.

Vanilla flavouring, strawberry flavouring, chocolate flavouring, natural flavouring, homemade yoghurt flavouring, you will find everything in this section.

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