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Original cake mold

You will find here your pastry molds, silicone molds, round or square molds. You will also find all types of original cake molds such as checkerboard cake molds, half-sphere molds, Silikomart molds, Pavoni molds and its range of Cédric Grolet molds or even princess dress cake molds, entremet circles and cake frames, cupcake molds, hinge molds, log molds, 3D cake molds and other shapes

Silicone cake mold

For classic cakes like a simple chocolate cake, opt for a Silikomart silicone mold. These offer several choices of molds to miss. 

For stunning cakes, Pavoni and Silikomart silicone molds for entremets are the most famous.

The essential pastry tool for making a cake is of course the cake mould. There are many different shapes and materials: round cake mold, rectangular cake mold, square cake mold, individual cake mold, layer cake mold, number cake mold, log mold, fancy cake mold, anodized aluminum mold, silicone cake mold, etc. You can make any cake with original molds! Discover in particular the moulds of the Féerie Cake range in anodized aluminium with straight edges at the best price.

Round cake moulds, square cake moulds and rectangular cake moulds

These are the essentials for any self-respecting pastry chef. The round cake mold comes in several diameters, several heights for all your decorated cake projects. Shoppez les moules à gâteau rond de PME Féerie Cake, Decora, Wilton...

Cupcake moulds muffin moulds

Whether you're into cupcakes or muffins, you're spoiled for choice. Choose from silicone cupcake molds, steel cupcake molds, small cupcake molds or XXL cupcake molds.

Fancy cake moulds

Dinosaur cake mold or unicorn cake mold? Or both? These cake molds are perfect for an unforgettable birthday cake. Shoppez tous nos moules à câteaux fantaisie : figure cake mold, pinata cake mold, number cake mold...

Choose from a wide range of cake molds that meet your expectations. We offer professional quality cake molds at very competitive and cheap prices

Cake mould

In our section, you will be overwhelmed by the choice of cake molds! Aficionados of pastries, enjoy discovering all our molds: classic round molds, silicone molds, pie molds ...

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