Almond paste

Almond paste for cakes and confectionery cheap on - Almond paste for cake decoration 

Enjoy baking with our selection of marzipan in a convenient 250g size. Most often used to make cake toppings, marzipan can also be used to make small die-cut items. 

Marzipan is also available in roll form, which saves a lot of time!

What is marzipan?

Almond paste is a mixture of ground almonds and sugar. Sometimes egg white or glucose is added. Also called marzipan, marzipan is probably one of the oldest confectionery

It's not just for cake decoration. You all know the almond paste shaped like fruits? It can also be used as a filling in dried fruits such as dates for example.

How do you cover a cake with marzipan?

  1. Sprinkle a clean surface or baking mat with powdered sugar. 
  2. Press the marzipan into a flat, round disk. If you already start with a round disk shape, it will be easier to hold the round circle in place at the end.
  3. Sprinkle the top of the marzipan and a large rolling pin with a little powdered sugar.
  4. Using the rolling pin, roll the marzipan from the center outwards.
  5. After each pass of the roller, lift the marzipan and rotate it about 45 degrees.
  6. Roll only once after each rotation.
  7. Be sure to roll from the center outward to maintain the shape of a circle. Sprinkle your work surface regularly with powdered sugar to prevent the marzipan from sticking.
  8. Roll the almond paste until it reaches a thickness of about 3 mm
  9. Use a sugar paste smoother to smooth the surface
  10. Gently lift the marzipan and roll it out onto the cake, make sure there is enough marzipan to cover each side, if not quickly remove it and start again.
  11. Use your sugar paste smoother to smooth the top of the cake
  12. Use your fingertips and the palms of your hands to flatten the marzipan around the cake, occasionally pulling on the sides to make sure there are no bubbles, then quickly and gradually work your way down to the bottom.
  13. Use a paring knife or scalpel to cut away excess marzipan all around the cake, making sure to cut close to the sides of the cake.

Your cake is now ready to be decorated into a unique masterpiece.