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We specialize in sugar doughs whether they are in 250g loaves, 10kg buckets or ready to roll out. Whether you are looking for a sugar paste for modeling, covering or creating edible flowers and decorating your cake design, you will find everything you need on The icing on the cake, we also offer accessories and materials essential to work with sugar paste, such as rollers, cake smoothers, work mats, scalpels, cookie cutters with ejectors, silicone molds for modeling, etc.

We offer the most famous brands of sugar dough for cake design: Prestige, Saracino, Renshaw, Funcakes, Smartflex... 

Sugar paste is a must-have ingredient for pastry and cake design enthusiasts. It is used to create edible decorations for cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

Sugar paste is made from powdered sugar, glucose syrup and gelatin. It is available in a variety of colors, flavors and textures, making it ideal for personalizing and decorating your culinary creations.

Using sugar paste, you can create flowers, characters, geometric shapes and even three-dimensional structures to embellish your desserts. Sugar paste decorations are durable and can be stored for weeks, making them a popular choice for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and holidays.

If you're an avid baker, sugar paste is an essential ingredient that you absolutely must have in your culinary arsenal. To find high-quality sugar paste, it's important to look for trusted brands and read reviews from other customers.

In short, sugar paste is a must-have ingredient for pastry and cake design lovers. With its variety of colors, flavors and textures, it offers a multitude of possibilities to personalize and decorate your culinary creations. Be sure to find quality products for the best results.

Sugarpaste, fondant and sugar paste, are they the same?

Many novice cake decorating enthusiasts get easily confused with all the different names given to this icing that is used to cover cake designs. And to complicate matters further, you have the English terms that differ depending on whether it is British or American English.

Sugarpaste is sugarpaste and fondant. Sugarpaste is the word most used in the UK and fondant is the American equivalent.

Be careful, the term "fondant" in the UK actually refers to the fondant icing that is also used in French pastry: to glaze eclairs for example. So beware of confusion.

Covering sugar paste

The sugar paste for the cake cover is a classic and a must in cake design. Be careful to choose it well. It is therefore important to choose the sugar paste cover that will meet expectations: a sugar paste cover is not tear, crack, skin elephant, change coloring. To cover high cakes, wedding cakes, don't hesitate, the Prestige sugar paste is a sugar paste that keeps all its promises: elastic, flexible, it is at the top!

You can also opt for rolling pins if you don't feel like getting out the rolling pin. The Renshaw brand offers rolling pins specifically designed for covering.

To cover your cakes. The covering sugar paste must be easy to work with, soft and elastic. The biggest brands of sugar paste are available: Prestige, Smartflex, Saracino, Renshaw, Funcakes...

Some brands of sugarpaste offer up to 20 different colors.

As for packaging, you will find sugar paste in 100g, 250g and 1kg loaves. For large packages, you will find jars or boxes of 5, 10 kg.

Tropical sugar paste

Tropical sugar paste is a favorite of many cake design enthusiasts. Thanks to its heat resistance, non-sticky, non-sweating and non-cracking texture, this sugar paste is ideal for hot weather or if you live in a hot country. Tropical Sugar Paste is specially designed to perform optimally in hot and humid conditions. With greater elasticity, longer working time and extended drying time, this sugar paste offers a more pleasant working experience. In addition, due to its unique formulation, it is resistant to condensation, even when transitioning from a cold to hot environment. For example when you take the cake design out of the fridge in 30 degree room temperature!

Saracino and Prestige offer so-called tropical sugar paste.

The sugar paste in a roll

Ideal for saving time. Already rolled out, it just needs to be unrolled and all you have to do is cover your cake. Féerie Cake offers you a wide choice of sugar paste in rolls: white, red, black, blue or pink. Choose the sugar paste that suits you!

Roller sugar paste has the same composition as sugar paste loaves. It is often sold in pre-cut, ready-to-use rolls in a variety of colors, making it a popular choice for cake designers and baking enthusiasts. This product is ideal for covering and decorating a cake drum or cake board.

The marzipan

With its good taste of almond it makes emulators. The time is long gone when we only had the choice of off-white marzipan from the supermarket. At Féerie Cake we offer you almond paste in 250g loaves of different colors. You can also cover your cakes with the marzipan.

Modeling clay - gumpaste - flower paste

If you want to make modeling or flowers for your cake decoration, you need a paste that hardens more than a sugar paste. Generally these decorations in modeling paste are not intended to be consumed.

Modeling is an integral part of cake design. Figures, 3d decorations more realistic than ever, are now placed on cakes to give them an elegant and sophisticated look. To achieve a perfect result, it is important to have a sturdy modeling equipment and to work with a special modeling sugar paste. 

Classic sugar paste is a bit soft for modeling - it often breaks or cracks and does not hold its shape well. Modelling sugar paste is more suitable and is obtained by strengthening the sugar paste. You can find it ready to use or you can make it yourself:

You can mix flower paste and sugar paste. Knead them together until they are well combined - the proportions are usually 50/50. 

The Prestige sugar paste is used by our cake designers and customers to make models and we must admit, it is also perfect for modeling. 

In addition to modeling sugar paste, you can also use modeling molds for sugar paste. These molds will allow you to easily make flower models and other small sugar subjects to decorate your cakes.

Called gumpaste, pastillage or modeling paste, they sometimes have a slightly different composition to allow you to model figures or create hyper realistic flowers. These doughs are just as essential as sugar dough if you like cake design.

Frequently asked questions about sugar paste

Sugar paste is an essential ingredient in cake design, as it is used to cover many cakes and is found in many recipes. However, before buying sugar paste, it is important to know what it is. Here are some of the questions frequently asked by our customers to help you understand it better.

How do I properly store my sugar paste?

Storing sugar paste can be complicated if it hardens and becomes difficult to work with. To avoid this problem, it is important to store it properly in its original packaging or in cling film, and to protect it from light and humidity. Avoid putting it in the refrigerator and prefer a dry and high place. 

However, if your cake is filled with fresh ingredients, common sense dictates that you store the cake in the refrigerator. In this case, choose a suitable sugar paste: Saracino, Prestige.

Do you sell sugar paste in large packages?

If you need to buy large quantities of sugar paste, Féerie Cake offers packages ranging from 250 g to 10 kg.

For larger quantities please contact us at, we will be happy to provide you with an estimate based on your needs.

Is the sugar paste edible?

The sugar paste is entirely edible. As the name suggests, it consists mainly of sugar. Add to this a flavoring and vegetable fat and coloring. Most sugar pastes have a vanilla taste. But on you will also find sugar paste flavored with lemon, marshmallow, strawberry, chocolate. You can of course add the food flavoring of your choice or the food coloring you want to color your sugar paste.

What accessories and utensils to start with sugar paste?

You want to start making sugar paste decorations, but you don't know which accessories to choose? We have the answer! On you will find everything you need to get started: a rolling pin to roll out your sugar paste, a smoother to get a perfect finish, cookie cutters with pushers to make decorations and a loaf of white sugar paste. 

How much sugar paste to cover the cake?

Here is a chart that gives you the quantity to cover a round cake according to its diameter and height.

Prestige Sugar Paste 250g - Grey

Renshaw sugar paste - Funcakes sugar paste - Smarflex sugar paste - Saracino sugar paste 

Sugar paste

The best brands of sugar paste at the best price: Renshaw, Smartflex, Saracino etc. Covering sugar paste, special flower sugar paste, modeling sugar paste, find the best of sugar paste.

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