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Sugarpaste, fondant and sugar paste, are they the same?

Many novice cake decorating enthusiasts get easily confused with all the different names given to this icing that is used to cover cake designs. And to complicate matters further, you have the English terms that differ depending on whether it is British or American English.

Sugarpaste is sugarpaste and fondant. Sugarpaste is the word most used in the UK and fondant is the American equivalent.

Be careful, the term "fondant" in the UK actually refers to the fondant icing that is also used in French pastry: to glaze eclairs for example. So beware of confusion.

Covering sugar paste

To cover your cakes. The covering sugar paste must be easy to work with, soft and elastic. The biggest brands of sugar paste are available: Prestige, Smartflex, Saracino, Renshaw, Funcakes...

Some brands of sugarpaste offer up to 20 different colors.

As for packaging, you will find sugar paste in 100g, 250g and 1kg loaves. For large packages, you will find jars or boxes of 5, 10 kg.

The sugar paste in a roll

Ideal for saving time. Already rolled out, it just needs to be unrolled and all you have to do is cover your cake. Féerie Cake offers you a wide choice of sugar paste in rolls: white, red, black, blue or pink. Choose the sugar paste that suits you!

The marzipan

With its good taste of almond it makes emulators. The time is long gone when we only had the choice of off-white marzipan from the supermarket. At Féerie Cake we offer you almond paste in 250g loaves of different colors. You can also cover your cakes with the marzipan.

Modeling clay - gumpaste - flower paste

If you want to make modeling or flowers for your cake decoration, you need a paste that hardens more than a sugar paste. Generally these decorations in modeling paste are not intended to be consumed.

Called gumpaste, pastillage or modeling paste, they sometimes have a slightly different composition to allow you to model figures or create hyper realistic flowers. These doughs are just as essential as sugar dough if you like cake design.

Renshaw sugar paste - Funcakes sugar paste - Smarflex sugar paste - Saracino sugar paste 

Sugar paste

The best brands of sugar paste at the best price: Renshaw, Smartflex, Saracino etc. Covering sugar paste, special flower sugar paste, modeling sugar paste, find the best of sugar paste.

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