How much sugar paste to cover a cake?

How much batter to use to cover a cake?

It's always a headache to calculate the amount of sugar paste to cover your cake. With that anxiety of being afraid of running out of sugar paste when covering the cake.

How do you calculate the exact amount to cover your cake? And how to anticipate and buy the necessary quantity of sugar paste?

Know this, there are no exact calculations. There are so many factors that go into calculating the amount of sugar paste for a cake topper:

  • The size of the cake
  • The shape of the cake
  • The quality of the sugar paste
  • The thickness you wish to obtain
  • Your experience with the sugarpaste cake cover


Our guide will make it easy for you if you are just starting out. But make sure you have a quality sugarpaste designed for cake covering.

And roll out the sugar paste to a thickness of 3 to 5 mm.

The quantities given below are for round cakes of 7 and 10 cm in height.

For the quantities of sugar paste for round cakes 12 cm high or square cakes, find the complete guide on the blog.

Find all our offer of sugar paste for your cake design.

quantity of sugar paste round cakes of 7 cm height

How much sugar paste to cover a cake?

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