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For a special occasion like a birthday party, choosing the right cake decorating style is key. Find out how you can easily make your cake decorating unique.

Birthday cake decoration 

The choice of birthday candles is a serious matter! A decorative accessory in its own right, the candle completes the decoration of your cake. If you have chosen a theme for the cake decoration, a Disney cake for example, then Disney candles will be the perfect combo.

Topper for cake decoration

Ultra trendy, cake toppers come in all shapes and sizes. Scrapcooking even offers LED toppers for a birthday party that shines!

Personalized birthday cake

One of the easiest ways to personalize a birthday cake is to change the color of the icing with food coloring. While white works well for a wedding, a bright pink for a little girl's birthday or a pale yellow for a family dinner at Easter can make all the difference. If you have a color theme for your party you can use the color of the icing to customize your cake. 

Using food flavors is a great way to personalize a cake. If you are making a surprise cake for someone, it will be even more special when they realize that you thought of personalizing it with their favorite flavor.

Choosing a cake pan is another great way to customize your birthday cake. These days, there is a wide range of cake pans available, which means your cake can take on almost any shape, or it can be "sculpted" into a truly unique shape. The Féerie Cake, our ultra soft cake can be easily sculpted to create your 3D cakes. Also perfect for creating gravity cakes, those gravity defying cakes that will leave you wondering how they manage to stand up! Whether you have a more traditionally shaped tiered cake in mind or a miniature replica of a favorite character, or even a full parade, a professional cake designer can amaze you with their options and possibilities.

Party decoration Wedding decoration

Find the essential Just Married banner to hang over the bride and groom's table. Or a Mr & Mrs banner to stick behind the car of the newlyweds. 

Also shop for party decorations and all the party items for a successful party: disposable tableware, cups, plates, pointy hats, balloons

Easy birthday cake

You will find dozens of examples of birthday cakes on our blog. For children's birthdays, here are the 10 most fun ideas

Chocolate birthday cake

Another way to make a chocolate birthday cake? Adapt our recipe for Féerie Cake into a chocolate version! A delightful treat. You can find the recipe in our dedicated blog post.

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Birthday decoration Party decoration

All the birthday decorations can be found here! Birthday candles and toppers to decorate your cake or table decorations, etc.

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