Food glue


What is food glue? 

Glue that can be eaten? Is it possible? The food glue is an ingredient very used in the cake design. It is used to glue small subjects in sugar, in sugar paste on the cake. 

Does the food glue have a taste? 

Edible glue has no taste, is transparent, but its ability to hold all your edible creations together, is the reason it becomes your best friend and one of the most used items in your cake decorating tools!

How to use the food glue?

Useful for gluing light pieces of dough, and convenient to keep in the cupboard.

Use it sparingly when gluing pieces together - if you apply glue to both surfaces, or use too much, the pieces will slip.

When attaching two pieces together, or when adding a piece to the side of a cake, apply the glue to one surface only. If the piece to be glued is large or heavy, you may need to use a stronger glue, such as royal icing.

Use food glue sparingly to attach food glitter or other glitter to a surface. If you use too much, they will dissolve.

Is piping gel like food glue?

As you will notice right away, piping gel is extremely sticky. So it works perfectly as an edible glue when you are putting together a cake (or cupcake).