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Buy solid and high cake boxes that will perfectly hold your cakes. Don't stress anymore about carrying your high layer cakes, your sugar paste cakes or your set pieces, the Olbaa brand has thought of you!

Olbaa is an English brand that manufactures packaging material for your desserts:

  • cake boxes
  • macaroon boxes
  • cupcake boxes
  • magnum cake and pop cakes boxes
  • etc.

Elegant and designed to showcase your work, Olbaa boxes are the cake boxes you've been dreaming of! You have spent hours decorating a cake. It deserves to be presented in a luxury box. It must be protected and stable for transportation. 

Tall cake boxes 

All boxes are 36 cm high. Different sizes available to carry your cakes: 21 cm, 26 cm and 31 cm wide. 

Sturdy - a sturdy box that can carry heavy and bulky cakes.

You can easily remove the cake by lifting the top lid and the body of the box. 

The window is perfect for admiring your creation during transport and checking that nothing has fallen out. It also means that for you cake designers and bakers, you can display your cakes to your customers without worry.

Boxes that are reusable! They're so sturdy, you'll want to use them again.

This leaves plenty of room for a 3 tier cake and a large decoration or even a 2 tier cake with a small decoration on top.

Designed by a baker for professional and amateur bakers.

Solid cupcake boxes

The Olbaa brand has come up with an elegant and innovative design for high-end cupcake boxes.

A removable insert that allows easy access to the cupcakes without the risk of staining your hands with the cupcake frosting. They all have a large window at the top to display your cupcakes.

This makes it easier to remove the cupcakes without damaging the icing decorations.

Very sturdy and safe to transport cupcakes without fear of them moving or falling.

The height of the boxes is 12 cm, allowing to place 10cm high cupcakes .

Macaroon boxes

Pretty little boxes made of thick glossy paper. After spending so much time preparing your macaroons, it's time to display them in a beautiful box to offer them. Olbaa macaroon boxes guarantee stability for your macaroons during transport. With transparent windows, your clients or friends will be able to admire your sublime macaroons!

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Olbaa tall cake boxes cupcake boxes on feeriecake.com


Olbaa, manufacturer of revolutionary cake boxes!

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