Ingredients for the galette des rois

Ingredients for the Frangipane Almond Cream Cake recipe Féerie Cake

Traditional Galette des rois with frangipane

To make a good galette des rois, you need almond cream or frangipane. This is the traditional recipe for a delicious galette des rois.

The French brand La Patelière offers you an easy to make frangipane preparation. It will save you a lot of time without skimping on the flavors. You will obtain a succulent cake to celebrate the Epiphany.

If you're going to make a homemade frangipane, think about the essential almond powder. A few drops ofbitter almond flavouring will add character to your frangipane.

Original recipe for Galette des rois Chocolate Galette des rois

As we will not eat only one galette in January, we can vary the pleasures. After the frangipane cake, why not try the chocolate chip cake. Or a galette with pink pralines. And with pistachio ? Just add a few spoonfuls of pistachio paste to your frangipane and you have an original galette des rois to enjoy!

Go to the beans and crowns section to celebrate Epiphany in the traditional way!

Ingredients for the galette des rois

Powdered almonds, frangipane, bitter almond flavouring, find the ingredients that will make your galette the best of all galettes des rois!

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