How to cover a cake with sugar paste?

Covering a cake with sugar paste - Accessories cake design

How to cover a cake with sugar paste?

You will already need a sugar paste cover, specially designed to cover a cake. It will be soft and malleable for an easy grip.

Then, you need some equipment that will make your job easier and allow you to get a clean and flawless result.

Covering a cake with sugar paste

Sugar paste smoother

The sugar paste smoother is the accessory that will allow you to smooth the sugar paste once it is placed on the cake. They are available in plastic or silicone. Some are even made to obtain perfectly straight edges for a result worthy of a cake designer!

Baking mat

The graduated work mat is a very practical accessory to help you find and spread the right size of sugar paste. Whether it is silicone or plastic, choose the graduated one if you are new to cake design. The other advantage of the baking mat is that it allows you to keep your work surface clean and is often non-stick, so less powdered sugar to sprinkle!

Rolling pin

It's a must! How to roll out sugar paste without a rolling pin? Rolling pins for rolling out sugar dough are non-stick. This way the sugar dough will not stick to the roller. There are several sizes of rolling pins: from 10 cm to 50 or 60 cm long, they allow you to roll out all quantities of sugar paste. We recommend a 15 cm roller to roll out sugar paste used to create decorations or models. And a 50 cm roller to spread a large quantity of sugar paste to cover a cake.

Steps to cover a cake with sugar paste

Covering a cake with sugar paste

  1. First, cover your cake with icing: buttercream, ganache...
  2. Start by softening your sugar dough by kneading it on your baking mat.
  3. Then sprinkle your baking mat with a little powdered sugar or cornstarch so that the dough doesn't stick
  4. Take your rolling pin and roll out the sugar paste, rotating the sugar paste a quarter turn so that it is evenly thick throughout and has a nice round shape. Usually 2 to 3 mm thick is ideal.
  5. Wrap the dough around the rolling pin and roll it out on the cake
  6. Work by hand first so that the dough adheres to the cake. Use the palm of your hand to smooth the top and edges of the cake. Unfold and remove the folds formed by the sugar paste by gently lifting the paste and repositioning it.
  7. Once the sugar paste has adhered well to the cake, use the smoother to perfect the cake.
  8. Trim off excess sugar paste with a paring knife, roulette wheel or scalpel.

All that's left to do is make sugar paste decorations to decorate your cake!

Decorative accessories for sugar paste cakes