How to make sugar paste decorations?

How to decorate a cake with sugar paste?

Silicone molds for cake design

A wide range of silicone cake decorating molds is available at Féerie Cake to help you create quick and easy decorations. You can use either sugar paste or modeling paste. For large or delicate modelling we advise you to use the modelling dough provided for this purpose. Thanks to the silicone molds you can make bows in sugar paste or letters in gumpaste to decorate your cakes.

How to use a silicone cake design mold?

Nothing could be easier. Once your sugar dough is soft. Sprinkle powdered sugar or cornstarch into the silicone mold. Press the sugar paste into the cavity. If the shape of the sugar paste decoration is large enough you can unmold immediately. Otherwise, a short 10 minute period in the refrigerator will make it easier to remove from the mold.

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Assortment of sugar pastes 

The sugar paste assortments are sets of sugar paste of different colors intended to make small models for the decoration of your cakes. Renshaw offers themed packs: Christmas sugar paste assortment, primary colors sugar paste assortment, Halloween etc. 

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Embossers for sugar paste

To create patterns, write a message on sugar paste nothing could be easier with sugar paste embossers. The Sweet Stamp brand is specialized in embossers and offers a wide range of accessories for cake decorating.

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