Sugar paste for flowers

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At first glance, flower paste looks a lot like sugar dough - it is soft, stretchy, dough-like and can be rolled out thin. However, unlike sugar dough, flower paste dries and hardens. This makes it ideal for making shapes. And because it can be rolled so thinly, it's great for creating flowers (hence the name!) and other intricate decorations on your cakes.

Ideally, you should let your flower paste decorations dry for at least 48 hours. 

Flower paste is generally used for delicate decorations that should not be eaten. Although the paste is edible, it is brittle to the touch and hard when dried.

Smartflex and Saracino offer a high quality flower paste. Just like sugar paste, you can color them with food coloring.

What is the difference between sugar paste, modeling sugar paste and flower paste?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked and it's a legitimate one, especially if you're just starting out in baking.

So, explanations!

What is sugar paste?

Sugar paste is the paste that is usually used to cover a cake. Stretchy, soft and pliable, it spreads out and then covers your cake.

Sugar paste can also be used in silicone molds, as it is softer and fills all the grooves very easily, and stays soft when placed on your cake.

It is generally not recommended for modeling, as sugar paste dries more slowly than modeling paste or flower paste. In summary, the role of sugar paste is to cover the cakes for a smooth and impeccable finish.

What is flower paste?

When you open the package of flower dough, it looks a lot like sugar dough. Flexible, stretchy, it can be rolled out thinly. But don't be mistaken, unlike sugar dough, flower paste will dry and harden. It can be rolled very thinly, it is ideal for creating very fine flowers and petals.

The flower paste is not usually consumed and is only used for decoration. 

What is modeling sugar paste?

Modelling clay is designed for all modelling work in cake design. It allows you to create decorations and figurines. It can be used in silicone cake design molds like sugar paste. It is not as extensible as flower paste and therefore cannot be rolled out finely. However, it takes longer to dry, which gives you more time to make your models.