Waffle maker and donut machine

Are you a sweet waffle ? Salty waffle? Or a soft and light waffle? Or a gourmet Liège waffle with caramelized pearl sugar? Whatever waffle you want to make, you need the right ingredients and the essential waffle iron. You may have the best waffle recipe, but without a waffle iron, you won't have a waffle at snack time!

Why use a waffle maker?

The two cooking plates of a waffle iron, top and bottom, allow a homogeneous and fast cooking of your waffles. The waffle iron, this device intended for the cooking of waffles is recognizable by its 2 waffle faces which allow to obtain this pretty shape of waffle. With its small cavities that we love to fill with melted chocolate or spread.

Gone are the days of baking waffles with waffle irons or manual waffle irons. You will never get the same result as with an electric waffle iron.

For your cravings for fresh and soft homemade waffles, for the weekend breakfast, the waffle iron is your ally in the pastry-making industry. Get out the spreads and the powdered sugar!

Multiple waffle makers

Non-stick, our waffle irons are easy to clean and allow you to cook several waffles at a time. The demolding is ultra fast. With a classic shape or more original, like hearts for example, the waffle maker is available in several colors and sizes. They are equipped with an automatic temperature control system and indicate when your waffles are ready.

Some easy and foolproof waffle recipes

Find all our waffle recipes on the blog: Liège waffle, soft and light waffle with speculoos, vegan waffle... They are all to try!

What about the donut machines?

To make the famous American doughnuts and glaze them with chocolate or fondant glaze, nothing better than a doughnut maker. Sprinkle them with multicolored sprinkles and you're in the States!

Waffle maker and donut machine

The waffle iron or the waffle maker, essential to cook your waffles!

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