Gold, silver and copper sugar paste

Gold, silver and copper metallic sugar paste for cake decoration

These gold, silver or copper colored sugar pastes have a metallic look and are suitable for cutting decorations and shapes for cupcakes, cookies and cakes. They will remain soft enough to be eaten (unlike modeling clay and flower sugar paste which dry out and become hard).

How to use the Gold sugar paste ?

The o, silver or copper sugar pastes are harder than the covering sugar pastes. They are not suitable for covering a cake. They are used to create shapes or small models to decorate your cakes.

Start by softening the required amount of sugar paste in your hands. You really need to knead it for a long time to make it malleable. So don't worry if it takes too long.

Then roll out the sugar paste with a rolling pin and cut out with acookie cutter if that's what you want.

Otherwise, start your modeling and then decorate your cake!