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Ejector and piston cookie cutters | Cake design

Cake decorating cookie cutter with ejector

If you're getting into cake decorating with sugarpaste, there are a few accessories that will help you with your project.

One of the easiest utensils to use is the ejector cookie cutter. It not only cuts the sugar paste into the desired shape but also adds a 3D dimension to the cake being decorated.

Simply roll out the sugar paste (or marzipan) then position the cookie cutter and press with the plunger if there are details to print on the paste. Lift the cookie cutter, the cut paste should be caught in the cookie cutter, press the plunger to eject the shape.

Ejector cookie cutters

You can also use these cookie cutters to make cookies in a variety of shapes. Note, however, that in general these cookie cutters with ejectors give shapes of fairly small sizes.

3D Flower Ejector Punch

Flower ejector cookie cutters are fun to use and will give your cake or cupcake a special decorative touch. These cookie cutters can be used on sugar paste, flower paste, marzipan...

Some cookie cutters are petals that you will have to shape to create the desired flower: rose, orchid...

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