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What is the use for cookie cutters?

You don't have to be a professional baker to use quality cookie cutters. This versatile and popular baking accessory can help you shape your cookies into the perfect shape for whatever occasion you are celebrating. Popular for the holiday season, cookie cutters come in many different shapes and sizes. Discover our most beautiful cookie cutters at low prices for baking, whatever the occasion.

How to choose the best cookie cutter for your project?

Choosing the best cookie cutter depends almost entirely on what shape you want your cookies to be. However, there are a few other factors to consider before purchasing your cookie cutter. Everything from the material of the cookie cutter to its ease of storage can have an impact on the assortment of cookie cutters you choose to add to your kitchen.

What is the best material for my cookie cutter?

Cookie cutters come in four different materials: plastic, stainless steel, copper and aluminum. Plastic and aluminum cookie cutters are the least expensive, and they are easy to use. They often have a blunter edge, making them the safest option to use with young children.

Copper and stainless steel cookie cutters are stronger, hold their shape better over time, and are more suitable for cutting small details. 

The different styles and themes of cookie cutters 

Another thing to consider when choosing your next batch of cookie cutters is the theme of your project. For a tea party or larger event, there are shapes that match with most holidays, such as Santa-shaped cookies for Christmas, heart-shaped cookies for Valentine's Day, or unicorn and dinosaur-shaped cookies.

For making and decorating everyday cookies, there are simple circle cookie cutters. These are a must have! These can also be used for any theme. Like the cookie cutter, the cookie press or push cookie cutter is another tool used to create uniformly shaped cookies.

Square or round cookie cutter for small butter cookies. Original cookie cutters for themed cookies, you will find a large choice of cutters.

Are the cookies decorated before or after baking?

If you start decorating your cookies before they are completely cooled, the icing will melt. Make sure each batch is completely cooled before you start adding the icing. We recommend waiting at least 2 hours after baking to decorate with royal icing. Once the cookies are iced, let them set for at least 6 hours before handling.

Preservation of decorated cookies and sugar cookies 

The sugar cookie recipe favored by our friends across the Atlantic, called"sugar cookies" are buttery, moist and so tasty. They are perfect for all occasions, birthdays, weddings, and are appreciated by all. 

Usually, sugar cookie recipes yield large quantities of cookies. Even though they disappear quickly, we often want to make them ahead of time so we can eat them or bring them in later to share with others. But how long do these delicious cookies last?

There are several ways to store sugar cookies. All involve an airtight container. An important factor in keeping cookies fresh longer is to limit their exposure to air and heat. 

Humidity and heat promote bacterial growth. Exposure to air also causes your sugar cookies to go bad more quickly.

To avoid or delay this, you must first cool your sugar cookies completely. Then you can wrap your cookies individually in plastic wrap, put them in a freezer bag or place them in an airtight container. 

If you are wrapping several cookies together, put a layer of baking paper between each cookie to prevent them from sticking together. 

Then, depending on how long you want to use the cookies, you can choose to store them at room temperature, in the refrigerator, in the freezer, undecorated or decorated. 

How to store undecorated cookies?

It's always best to keep your cookies undecorated, as you won't damage the intricate designs you've made on your cookies. You can stack your cookies to save space. 

Stored at room temperature, your undecorated, properly wrapped sugar cookies can stay fresh for about a week. 

It is not recommended to store your sugar cookies in the refrigerator, as it tends to dry them out. But if you must, remember to seal them as described above.

Properly stored, unfrozen cookies will keep for up to two weeks in the refrigerator, but may start to go bad after about a week. 

If you want your sugar cookies to stay totally fresh, freezing is your best option. You can freeze your undecorated cookies in an airtight bag or container for up to three months. 

How to store decorated cookies?

Storing decorated cookies can be tricky because you have to lay them flat. If you stack them, the frosting may get damaged and crack. You'll need a large surface area to do this. 

To avoid messing up your icing, you should also wait until your sugar cookies are completely set before wrapping them. 

Well-protected and decorated sugar cookies will keep for up to two weeks at room temperature. 

In the refrigerator, your sugar cookies will keep for up to a week, but it's best to eat them within three days, as the icing will start to rub off over time. 

How to store your cutters and cookie cutters?

Most cookie cutter sets are small and portable. However, some models are larger and require more space to store. Sets that don't offer a storage element can result in messy, disorganized drawers. Consider getting storage bins!

Some sets are designed so that the cookie cutters stack together making them easier to store. Other sets even come with a small carrying case, which can help you easily carry the cookie cutters everywhere. 

Also very practical, thering to store your cookie cutters and not lose them.

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