Dinosaur birthday cake for a great birthday

Dinosaurs are all the rage! Organize the most memorable birthday party with our dinosaur-themed cake decorations: unleavened discs, silicone molds, sprinkles, edible decorations... Discover all the secrets of Féérie Cake to make a dinosaur birthday cake that impresses!

Make the most beautiful dinosaur cake

Start by making a chocolate dinosaur cake - it's a sure-fire hit with kids everywhere. Use the amazing aluminum dinosaur cake pan: your cake will take the shape of a cute dinosaur and you can decorate it with sugar paste or icing of your choice.

You can also use a traditional mold, round or rectangular for example, or silicone cupcake molds. You can then decorate them with our quick and easy decorating ideas.

Put together a great birthday buffet with dinosaur-shaped treats. A cookie kit is perfect if you don't know which accessories to choose. You will be able to quickly make amazing dinosaur cookies.

Also choose from our many dinosaur embossers and cookie cutters. Some fierce dinosaurs will take over your birthday table. Choose between the tyrannosaurus, stegosaurus, brontosaurus or a hallucinating pterodactyl... They are all at Féérie Cake! Turn them into delicious cookies and your guests will devour them.

Decorate the dino cake

A few pretty decorations will add volume to your dinosaur cake and you'll see that it will be extraordinary in no time! Opt for an unleavened disc that will add color with beautiful dinosaur images. You can find large unleavened discs for large round cakes and also mini discs to decorate cupcakes. Place them on sugar paste with a little piping gel and it's perfect. It's quick and easy!

The other option is to decorate your dinosaur birthday cake with edible sugar decorations in the shape of colorful dinosaurs or baby dinos. Choose a dinosaur figurine or even several. They can be reused as table decorations. Finally, choose a few toppers to add volume to your dinosaur birthday cake. You can even sprinkle your creation with dinosaur confetti!

Don't forget the dinosaur birthday candles! For a successful birthday party, you need great candles. Choose colorful dinosaur candles or a giant candle.

To make the most beautiful dino cake, follow our step-by-step tips to model dinosaurs in sugar paste and assemble a beautiful, colorful dinosaur cake that will be a sight to behold for guests!

Create a dinosaur birthday atmosphere

A dinosaur birthday party is a colorful way to celebrate triceratops, velociraptors and other T-Rexes! Decorate your room with dinosaur-themed streamers and balloons. Set up your birthday sweet table with a dinosaur tablecloth, plates and cups. Complete your decoration with dinosaur figurines and your guests will have a totally different time.


A birthday to organize on the theme of dinosaurs? A future paleontologist to feed? You will find here everything to organize a 100% Dinosaur party.

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