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Pat Patrol cake decoration | Pat Patrol birthday

If your child is a fan of the Patroller cartoon series, then Patroller cakes are the perfect choice for their next birthday or other special occasion. With their colorful and fun designs, these cakes will be a hit with all fans of the show.

To create a Patrol cake, you can use sugar paste to shape the characters of the series or use figurines to decorate your cake. You can also create a cake in the shape of a dog's paw, the Patrol's emblem.

To add a personalized touch to your cake, you can include your child's name on top of the cake, or add decorations based on their favorite character from the show. Birthday candles are perfect!

Patrol cakes are not only fun and colorful, but they are also delicious. You can choose from a variety of cake flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and many more.

If you're looking to impress your child and their friends at their next birthday party, consider a Patrol cake. With their unique designs and delicious taste, they'll be a guaranteed hit!

How to make a great Patrol cake

Making a great Patrol cake is not complicated when you have the right accessories! Féérie Cake makes it easy with this selection of ingredients and accessories on your little one's favorite theme. You'll have a great Patrouille birthday cake!

Everything to make a Patrouille cake

Start by making the Patrol chocolate cake like your usual recipe. This way, you are sure not to make a mistake and to please the little ones who are used to the good taste of the unavoidable chocolate. The Patrouille touch will come with the decoration.

Think of making a birthday buffet where little hands will come and pick up treats. To please your little Patrouille fan, use cookie cutters in the shape of a bone, a dog or even a"paw print". You will be able to make small individual cookies. A silicone mold makes it easy to make 8 paw prints and bones.

For your cupcakes, think of the boxes decorated with the heroes of Patrouille.

Pat Patrol cake decorations

The unstoppable trick is to choose some Patrol cake decorations.

To decorate your birthday cake, think of edible unleavened leaves. They are quick and easy to apply and you are sure to have a successful decoration with all the Patrouille characters. Cover your cake with sugar paste and place your unleavened Paw Patrol disc on top. There are all shapes: unleavened discs for large round or rectangular cakes, small decorations, mini discs for Patrouille cupcakes and even Patrouille edible toppers or flags. These unleavened decorations are the most beautiful effect, because the prints are very faithful to the images of the cartoon.

To give volume to your cake, think also of the Patrouille figurines: Chase, Stella, Marcus... The selection of Féérie Cake allows you to choose the favorite heroes of your child. The Patrouille figurine is even reusable as a decoration on a table or on another super Patrouille birthday cake.

Patrouille cake molds

If you're looking to add a touch of personalization to your Patroller cake, use our silicone molds, for example in the shape of a dog's paw to create edible decorations in sugar paste. For even more creativity, use our dog or bone cookie cutters to create decorated cookies that will appeal to all Patroller fans.

Unleavened decorations | Unleavened discs and sugar discs for Pat Patrol cakes

In addition to our molds and cookie cutters, we also offer beautiful unleavened discs and sugar discs for cakes so you can make personalized decorations on your cake. The Patrol unleavened decorations allow a quick and personalized decoration for a birthday party or any other special occasion.

At, we provide quality products to help baking enthusiasts create creative and original themed desserts. 

Patrol birthday candles

And of course, Patroller candles are a must to bring the final touch to a Patroller birthday cake. Choose your favorite Patroller character! The little hero of the day will be proud to blow out his candles under the eyes of Patrol.

Opt for a set of 5 candles featuring the characters of the Patrouille cartoon or a large single candle with all the Patrouille. For a really great birthday cake, the Chase candle in 3D as a figurine will have an extraordinary effect.

Patrouille birthday party decorations

For the final touch to an ideal Pat Patrouille birthday party, get the party decorations specially designed for a Pat Patrouille decoration. Balloons, streamers, paper plates, napkins, cups, medallion straws and even candy bags will decorate your party place to welcome the little participants.

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